Banish joint pain with green-lipped mussel

Everyday joint support

Green-lipped mussels provide a natural and sustainable source of Omega-3, glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate, plus bio-active proteins that can help maintain normal joint health and ease arthritic symptoms. With minimal processing for optimum nutrition, Clova Bay’s easy-to-use sachets contain 100% pure premium grade green-lipped mussel extract, harvested from the pristine waters of New Zealand’s Marlborough Sounds.

About New Zealand green-lipped mussel

The power of green-lipped mussels is something the Maori have understood and benefitted from for generations, and we now have the scientific analysis to back up that knowledge. While most fish oils contain just two or three Omega-3 complexes, New Zealand green-lipped mussels contain ALL known Omega-3s, including 30 fatty acids, including EPA, OTA, DHA, and ETA. This unique combination of nutrients has multiple health benefits, most noticeably in the areas of joint and heart health, by reducing inflammation and therefore lowering pain.

Reduce joint pain

Supports connective tissue and joint function, reducing inflammation and pain associated with arthritis

Improve mobility

Rebuilds synovial fluid in joints to improve flexibility and ease of movement

Potent compounds

Green-lipped mussel contains ALL known Omega-3 fatty acids and other compounds that inhibit inflammation, thereby reducing joint pain

100% natural

Live in harmony with nature. By using our 100% natural products, you can be confident you are not introducing synthetic toxins into your body

Official New Zealand FernMark Licensee

Part of New Zealand’s unique story

The FernMark License Programme brings together New Zealand’s best international businesses to form a product community; a collective who inherently express the core characteristics of our New Zealand Story.

Science supports our products

Studies have consistently found green-lipped mussel to be more effective than other pain relief, such as aspirin. Contact us for more information

Minimal processing for maximum nutrition

Cutting-edge freeze-drying technology allows us to preserve more of the natural compounds, enzymes and micronutrients within the green-lipped mussel.

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